Friday, 23 November 2012

Arrival of my TOMS!

Hello blog followers,

As you know I wrote a blog about the company TOMS last week and said I purchased the shoes.  Well... they have arrived and they are amazing!  They look great with anything plus the comfort is 10 out of 10! They are for a good cause plus they look makes me want to buy more (but I have no more space or money!) Here is some pictures of them for you to enjoy!


Thank you for reading! Why not try it yourself?

Love Nicola xxx


  1. Thank you. Definetly recommend them for everyone! xx

  2. I agree - I absolutely love TOMS. Cant wait to see how you style them in your future posts.
    ♥ xoxo Cori

  3. I will definitely keep you updated on future posts! Xxxxx