Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Body Shop Cleansing Brush

Hi Everyone

A few weeks ago I bought a Cleansing Brush from the Body Shop.  Like pretty much everyone I know I would love the Clarisonic but just can't justify the price.  So, for now, the £4 cleansing brush will need to do.
Bodyshop Cleansing brush
I wanted to wait till I had been using it for a few weeks before I blogged about it because I always feel it is really difficult to judge something when I have only been using it a few days.  At first I thought the bristles felt a bit rough on my skin but I have either got used to it or they have softened.  Think it might be a bit of both.

bodyshop cleansing brush
bodyshop cleansing brush
Since I have started using this brush my skin seems much smoother.  I have enlarged pores, especially on my nose.  Using this brush once a days seems to be reducing this, can't complain really.  I have also noticed a reduction in blackheads and my skin is looking more radiant.  The only pain is that a Clarisonic would be more convenient as it does most of the moving for lazy!  I would definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to improve their skin.

Mhairi x

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