Saturday, 30 June 2012

Topshop studded ballet pumps

Hello guys!

Im just writing a quick post to show you the beautiful shoes I found today at topshop! I absolutely love them, I think its such a cute design to have the pretty ballet pump made a little edgier with the studs which we all know and love right now! I'm actually so excited to wear these out! yes this is a little sad but I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets this excited about shoes! Oh, sorry about the bad quality I just had to quickly take these on my phone. Anyway, off to eat my own weight in Chinese food now! enjoy your Saturday night!

Dodi xo

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Out with the old... In with the new!

Hello followers,

Every girl loves a fresh, new makeup pallet to completely change the way they look.  While browsing through Debenhams, I came across the Bare Minerals counter that I have recently fell in love with.  I found the Bare Minerals starter pack containing 2 foundations, mineral veil, primer, bronzer and three makeup brushes for the amazing bargain of £48.  I knew straight away I had to purchase it!  I wont bore you with me raving on again about the makeup as I think you really need to try it yourself to feel exactly how light and fresh feeling your face is after using it a few times. 

 Another makeup purchase I came across was this eyebrow stencil and powder.  This just defines and shapes your eyebrows so they look better than without being too dark or noticeable.  It is worth a try and does not break the bank either.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Nicola xxx

Good night sleep... Great Hair!

Hello fellow blog followers,

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while however I got a few things that you all may be interested in.  Ive always had the problem of getting curls and volume to last in my hair without having to back comb and plaster by hair in hairspray... so when I came across the sleep in rollers I thought they were worth a go! 

So, what was the verdict... they were great! They only took me 15 minutes to put in the night before onto my half towel dried hair and I had a good night sleep also.  The next day I had A LOT of volume and soft curls that I swept my hair into a side ponytail since I was wanting something more casual. 

So, girls... these are a must have for your hair and they are available from  Leave some comments on what you thought about the velcro rollers!

Happy Shopping

Nicola xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dodi's Skincare Routine

Hello lovelies!

I thought I would do a skincare routine post for you as it is currently working quite well for me and they are all products from the "drugstore" or highstreet as we call it here in Britain. I should say that I have normal skin, its not oily and its not dry. I have quite big pores and am constantly searching for a product to remedy this so if anyone has any suggestions I would be hugely appreciative!

This is everything that I am using at the moment. some of these things are staples that I have used for a while and some are just things that I am trying out at the moment.

Ok so at night the first thing I do is use a wipe to take off my make up. I do this because I hate getting makeup on my cloth when using my cleanser, it really freaks me out! haha At the moment I am using the johnsons dreamy skin night wipes as they were on offer in superdrug and I thought I would try them out, and boy am I glad I did! they are perfect for using before a cleanser as they are really hydrating and moisturising, almost greasy which is not ideal if a wipe is the only thing you are planning to use, however I find that it prepares my face nicely for my cleanser. I think these will now be a staple in my night time routine.

So after using the wipe I use my vitamin e hot cloth cleanser from superdrug. I purchased this originally wanting to get the well known liz earle number but as you all know im poor poor poor so I settled for the cheap version. Now I cant do a comparison because I am one of the only people on the planet that has never tried the liz earle one but what I can say is that I love this one so if liz earle is better then I seriously have to get my hands on that stuff! but in the meantime this is definitely doing the job for me. I find that it both hydrates my skin and exfoliates as I remove it with the muslin cloth, which FYI is included in the box!  I love that it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, something that I find with most exfoliating cleansers. I also use this cleanser in the morning although I put it on before I jump in the shower and just rinse it off when i'm in there without the cloth.

Ok so after this my night time moisturiser is the palmers cocoa butter. I have used this moisturiser for years! Ever since the awful spotty forehead days back in high school. I first fell in love with this stuff when I had really bad acne on my forehead, after using this religiously  for a few weeks my acne started to clear up. I know its strange that a moisturiser cleared my spots but I should probably tell you it was quite dry acne so obviously this may not help everyone. I probably wouldn't advise this for people with greasy skin as it is quite a heavy moisturiser. I actually don't use this moisturiser in the morning as I find it is a bit heavy before applying makeup. Instead I have been using the clinique moisture surge which I am addicted to which is really bad as I have run out of my sample and am going to have to go and buy more! sadly this will have to wait untill payday!!

After cleaning my face in the morning I use my toner which is the garnier fresh essentials refreshing toner.  I dont use this at night and my only excuse for this is laziness. I decant this into a spray bottle so I simply just spray it on but at night I dont like to do this as I dont like waiting for it to dry! haha Thats how eager I am to get to my bed! I also dont really know what this is doing for my skin to be honest apart from giving it a fresh smell. I dont think I will be repurchasing this product as I have my eye on a few others that I have seen on other blogs. 

I have never been a religious mask user but I am starting to get more into it now and the mask that I am using at the moment is the mudd sea mask. I got this in superdrug and it has 5 applications. I have only used this once since purchasing and although I liked the result it gave the next day my skin seemed a little irritated afterwards and felt quite hot and looked a bit red. This is really strange for me as my skin is really not sensitive. I am going to give it another shot just to see if it is something which disagrees with me or if it was just a coincidence. The next morning I did feel that my skin looked really clear but I don't think I will be sticking to it if it carries on to react on my skin. 

Wow what a long post, I hope someone finds this helpful! Cocoa Butter is definitely one of the products I couldn't live without. If anyone has normal to dry skin I would definitely recommend it! Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day! 

Dodi xo

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What's in my hand luggage?

Good morning everyone :) I am very exited this morning as I am off to Italy!. I have been up since 6am making sure that I was completely organised. So here is what is in my hand Luggage.

So obviously there's the basics, phone, purse and passport. I am also bringing my ipad because I just cant bare to be away from it. I always take a change of clothes and a bikini with me in my hand luggage, just incase I am the unfortunate soul who's luggage gets lost. In my clear bag I am bringing a travel sized perfume (because its nice to smell good), a concealer, lip stain, lip gloss and mascara incase I need a top up and a small hand cream as I tend to get very dry hands.

I decided to wear a black top instead of white since I am quite clumsy and will probably spill something down me.

So I better go and make sure I have everything I need,


Michelle xoxox

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What to Wear Travelling

Hey everyone, so Im off to Italy tomorrow and as usual i have struggled to decide what to wear when travelling. leaving from Scotland it will obviously be cold and rainy but then arriving in Italy will be fantastically warm and sunny:). So i have decided to brave the cold weather in Scotland and go for a pair of denim shorts, belt, loose white top and converse. I am also going to be layering up with a burgandy cardigan incase it is cold in the airport. I have decided against wearing any jewellery, not even a watch, so that I dont need to take them all off going through security, which I hate and I also seem to be the person that always needs to get searched :(. I will probably look like a bit of a tourist in the airport with my shorts so I will fit in nicely :).

I will be posting tomorrow morning about what in my hand luggage, hope you have a good day :) Michelle

Monday, 18 June 2012

Wedding Wear

Well the wedding season is well and truly beginning and as it happens I have finally been invited to a wedding, the first I will attend since I was about 10 and was dressed by my mother in a yellow floral number.   Hence, I was quite excited to get to choose my own outfit this time! I have been looking for a while now but finally decided on a dress last week. It is from zara and as soon as I tried it on I had to have it!

The colour looks quite pale in the picture but it is a nude pink colour in real life. real life?? is that what you call it? ha you know what I mean! I will post some pictures of me wearing it when I have the full outfit. 

Now...I have bought shoes but I must admit I am still lusting over the zara ones which I talked myself out of due to my budget. Are they not just beautiful?

Sadly I just couldn't afford them!  But I think my find in Dorothy Perkins is pretty good! 

These sandals were just £25 in the sale and are also surprisingly comfy! I also noticed when I was in yesterday that a lot of their flat sandals are really really nice and I am tempted to go back for a pair after payday! definitely worth a look if DP's is not usually somewhere you would go, which it isn't somewhere I would usually visit either. 

I have yet to look for a bag to match but I dont think that will be too difficult. Although I am struggling with ideas for something to wear over the dress to cover my shoulders in the church and also to keep warm in the most likely event that the weather will not be great on the day. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as I am really stuck with this! 

hope you are all having a fab day! :) Dodi  xo

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wish List

Due to a lack of money I have not been doing much shopping recently.  But I thought I would create a list of things I want, most of these I have wanted for a long time but have not bought them due to the price tag!  A girl can dream though...

Wish List

Looks of the evening #7

Hey, so here is a look of the evening post. I was at a hen night last night for my soon to be aunt so thought i would take a few photos of what I was wearing to show you all.

Jeans - H&M
Top - Zara
Heels - Zara
Leather Jacket - Zara
Clutch bag - River Island

Hope you have a good day :) Michelle xoxox

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Holiday Essentials

Good Morning everyone, yesterday I went and bought some of the products that I need for my holiday and I think that some of these products are a must for anyone who is travelling somewhere sunny in the next few months :). Suncream is not in my list as I have not bought it yet but is definitely one of the most important things when going on holiday, so here is my list below.

Favourite summer shades:
Natural collection - Antique Coral (looks amazing on as it has glitter inside it)
17 - Juicy and Tropical Island (this one is a lot more pink than in the picture and has gold glitter in it)

Waterproof mascara is a must for me on holiday. I have really small eyelashes so when I have no mascara on my eyes can look quite strange. I first bought this waterproof mascara last year as I wanted to find a cheap option as it was only for one week and I loved it. The brush on it is really good and defines each lash and doesn't clump.

I love lip stains. I have tried quite a few and I think that the 17 ones are the best as they have a really good colour range and the balm is attached so lips do not look dried out which I found was the case with some of the other ones I tried. I have never tried this colour before, it is Berry Crush. I think it is lovely on but a bit much for during the day so I will probably buy another colour. I put this on last night just before I went to bed to take the picture and when I woke up this morning it was still on with no smudges :).

Using a lip balm with an SPF is very important so that your lips don't burn in strong sun. The last thing you want is for your lips to be chapped and painful your whole holiday so I like to use palmers cocoa butter lip balm which has SPF15.

I absolutely love Banana boat aftersun, this Aloe Vera one smells amazing and is a great size so it fits in your bag.

Instead of taking lots of different bottles in my suitcase which will just be extra weight I take a 3 in 1 face wash. This one from Avon is a cleanser, toner and moisturiser and is great for holiday as it is all in one bottle. I still bring a face cream as the moisturiser in this isnt as moisturising as I like.

There are still a few other things that I still need to buy but these are some of the important ones :)
have a good day, Michelle xoxox

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Zara wish list

Good morning everyone! I was in Zara the other day and had to force myself to leave the store or else I would have bought everything in it. Some of the clothes are absolutely beautiful so I thought I would share some of my favourite items this month. I am really liking whites and lemons especially since its summer and they look really clean and fresh.

wish list 2

Monday, 11 June 2012

DIY Denim shorts

Hey everyone, I have a tip for any of you who are doing a clear out and discover a whole load of jeans that you don't wear anymore (which I have recently done). If the jeans still fit but either the knees are worn out or you don't like the style of them anymore then change them into a pair of new denim short in two easy steps :).

Step 1: Cut off each of the legs a little longer than what you would normally wear them. Don't cut them too short as you can always cut more off if you would prefer them to be shorter.

Step 2: Roll the bottom of your new shorts twice and then iron the fold down so that it stays. If you prefer you can add a couple of stitches to keep it in place but I tend not to.

So here is the finished product and if you want to give it an edgier look then you can buy studs off of ebay and put them on the pockets :)

Hope you liked this post, Michelle xoxox