Wednesday, 29 August 2012

September Wishlist

Good morning, even though its not yet September I thought I would post my September wish list since we are only a few days off. How crazy is it that it's already September, I have got quite a lot going on this month. The wedofashionuk girls start our 4th year of uni, I am starting a new internship which I will be posting about very soon and quite a few birthdays including a certain bloggers birthday so it will be quite an exiting month.

September Wishlist


1. I have been wanting a pair of these Nike FreeRun trainers ever since I seen Andy from Style Scrapbook wearing them and they looked amazing.
2.I have been lusting after this shirt ever since I first seen it in Zara. I am loving studs at this moment and I have always been a fan of tartan so this ticks all my boxes.
3.Ever since I came back from Amsterdam I have been wanting a bike. Don't ask me why because cycling has never been something I have been particularly interested in but I just loved seeing all the bikes when I was there.
4.I have been wanting a MacBook Pro ever since they came out. I love all Apple products and I am addicted to my Iphone and Ipad, so I know I would love this as well especially for going back to university. Unfortunately I think this will will be on my wish list for a while as I just cant afford to buy one just yet.
5.I need a new purse, I love the one I have got which is a red tartan one from River Island but it is just too small and inconvenient so I thought this Fiorelli one is a good size and looks really pretty.
6.I seen these ceramic Eco cups in Urban Outfitters a while ago. I am definitely a coffee person in the morning so I thought that this would be great for those early mornings when I start back uni.

Hope you all like this months wish list, Michelle xox

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rimmel Nails

Hey, Michelle here. I was in boots the other day looking for some new nail colours. I was originally looking for an ice blue colour similar to this Rimmel nail varnish in 704 Sweet as Sugar. I really like this colour but I would have preferred if it had a little more blue in it. Whilst looking at the never ending range of colours I came across this gorgeous emerald green colour in 700 Block Your Green . It looks amazing in the bottle but even better once it's on and after a couple of coats it has a lovely shiny finish so no need for a top coat. These colours also dry very quickly so its quick and easy to put on. Since it was a 3 for 2 offer on all rimmel nail varnishes I decided to buy the 431 Stormy Skies colour. I didn't have any dark grey colours so I thought that it would be good to add to my growing collection. The grey nail varnish is from the Rimmel Professional Finish collection which has a better brush on it but I do not really notice a difference between this and the lasting finish nail varnishes.

emerald green

Monday, 27 August 2012

Zara Spiked Shoes

I'm in love!!  I found these shoes in the TRF section of Zara.  I have been obsessed with spikes for the last year, to the extent to the fact that I was considering buying the £2000 Burberry trench coat.  Nothing has quite lived up to how nice the coat was, until these shoes.

Zara Spiked Shoes
I decided to make these shoes a payday treat, at only £25 they don't break the bank either.
Zara spiked shoes
I love that they also have 4 spikes down the back of the shoe. They are also very comfy.  I pretty much love everything about these shoes apart from the slight toe cleavage they give me (I do have creepily long toes though).  This isn't the last you will see of these, there will be plenty of OOTD posts with me wearing these.

Mhairi x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Travel Diary: Amsterdam Part 2

Hey, here is the other half of my Amsterdam travel diary. If you didn't see the first part here is the Link.

Day 3

On day 3 we went to the Heineken Experience which is a tour of the old Heineken Brewery. I didn't think I would enjoy this as I am not a big fan of drinking beer but it was amazing and the brewery was surprisingly nice.
I loved these stained glass windows, so pretty. In the bottom picture I am very proud of myself for drinking a glass of Heineken.
On our way back we stopped of at a market. This market was great if you needed to buy material and sewing accessories such as buttons, ribbon and lace.

Day 4

On day 4 we took a canal cruise to see the city from a different view which was really nice. I loved the river homes which were often decorated in lots of colourful flowers.

We also took a walk through Vondel Park which is absolutely massive with lots of ponds, cafes and cyclists.
One of the main things I love about Amsterdam is that everyone cycles everywhere.
How cute are clogs, I don't think they would be very comfy but they are very colourful and nicely decorated.

The best time to be out in Amsterdam is at night. The canal bridges are lit up and there is always a fantastic atmosphere.

That's the end of my Amsterdam travel diary. I would definitely recommend this city to anyone it was without a doubt the best city break I have been on.
Thanks for reading, Michelle xox


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Travel Diary: Amsterdam Part 1

Hey everyone, I'm back from Amsterdam and it was without a doubt the best city break I have ever been on. It is such a beautiful city with friendly and welcoming people and there is plenty to see and do. I have decided to do a travel diary as I have so many pictures to share with you from my holiday so I have split it into Day 1 & 2 and then tomorrow I will post day 3 & 4.


Day 1

The first day was mostly travelling, checking into our hotel and getting to know our way around the city.
This first picture is one that I took on the plane as we where landing in Amsterdam. I found it amazing how flat the landscape is in Amsterdam especially compared to Scotland's landscape which is full of hills. The second photo is one of the first ones I took in Amsterdam and I think it is gorgeous.

We were staying at the Westcord Fashion hotel in Amsterdam which was amazing. It was very modern and I loved the fact that there were plenty of fashion magazines around the hotel as well as random mannequins.



Day 2

On the second day we decided to go for a walk in the morning and ended up having breakfast on a boat on one of the canals, which was a lovely start to the day.

We then went to Madame Tussuad's in Dam Square which was hilarious. Since I am a massive James Bond Fan (who isn't ?) I had to get a photo with these two. I did get a photo with Daniel Craig but I am pulling quite an embarrasing pose so I am going to leave that photo out of this post, sorry.
I then decided to be the smallest model in history posing (rather stupidly) with Elle Macpherson and Victoria Beckham.

If you want to know where I got this outfit from go to this Link.

This is the end of day 1 & 2 but I will be posting the last part of this travel diary very soon.
Michelle xox


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Skincare: Dermalogica

I have tried so many different skincare brands and have a habit of chopping and changing.  I always end up back using Dermalogica though and I found a website that when you buy something you get free products.

The website is called Pure Beauty, it stocks the full Dermalogica range and for buying one products I got to pick 5 sample size products and a 30ml bottle of one of their top selling items.  As I love a bargain, I thought I would share this with you as many of the products are also discounted and delivery is free.

beauty blog dermalogica
Dermal Clay Cleanser:  I love this product.  It is pricier than a typical drugstore cleanser but my last bottle lasted about 7 months so it is worth the money.  I have combination skin with excess oil production in my T-zone.  The white clay in the product helps to reduce oil production but it is not drying on my skin.

Beauty Blog
Soothing Eye Make-up Remover: This is in the top 10 most popular products and I can understand why.  It is a gel consistency that does not leave your skin oily.  It is also very effective at removing make-up, even waterproof mascara.  I think I will need to buy the full size of this product when the sample runs out.

beauty blog uk
These are the 5 samples that I picked.  Sadly you can not pick 5 of the same product as I am running out of face masque.  The products that I picked are: skin refining masque, age reversal eye complex, clean start hit the spot, overnight clearing gel and concealing spot treatment.  Since it's only small samples I thought I would try to get products to help with immediate problems like blemishes.

If any of the products are particularly good I might purchase them and write full reviews.

Mhairi x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Ombre Nails

So as I mentioned in my August wishlist I have wanted to try out ombre nails for a while.  As someone who usually sticks to plain nail polish with a french manicure being adventurous, this really as exciting as it gets.  I finally got round to it last night, so I thought I would share the outcome with you.

I am in denial that summer is over so used Number 17 Lasting Finish in Orange Soda and Rimmel London Lycra Pro in Fancy Fuchsia.  I also used a Superdrug foundation sponge for blending the colours together.  
I used the orange colour as my base so applied this first.

I then put a few thick layers of the colours on my makeup sponge and dabbed each till I got the desired effect.  There is quite a lot of wastage when doing this as the varnish dries on the sponge quickly.  I wouldn't use an expensive polish to do this.

The end result was very messy ombre nails.  I left it to try before tidying the rest up.
This is the very final result after much tidying and 2 topcoats.  My nails are not smooth, even after the topcoats, but I don't know if that is something that would come with practise.

Overall I so like the final result but feel with these colours it would look much better with a tan and on the beach!  It also felt like it took me forever from start to finish, not sure if I would have the patience to do this again but I would like to start being more adventurous with my nails.  Possibly more nail posts to come...

Mhairi x