Sunday, 22 April 2012

Walks #1

Heyy everyone!

So as this is about as far as I'm going to be travelling this summer I though I would show you all my hometown. The pictures have been taken in Argyll and Bute and this is where I lived before moving to University. Its only now that I am used to seeing the streets of Glasgow every day that I have started to appreciate how pretty it is here. Ali (my boyfriend) and I went a walk this evening and I decided it would be a good opportunity to get some photos that are a little different. Unfortunately the location means that it is not the most interesting of outfits as there was a need for sensible footwear down at the shore and in the woods.  Im wearing wellies from Primark, my shorts are also Primark and my Jacket is H&M.

I know its not an exotic setting but I think its pretty all the same.  Hope you all can see how pretty it is from these Photos <3
Dodi x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Look of the evening #3

Hey everyone, I apologise that I haven't posted anything in a while I have had lots of uni work to do recently. So I was at a friends 21st last weekend and decided to wear one of my new black dresses from H&M.  I decided to pair this dress with a mint green belt and this gorgeous little heart shaped clutch bag which was a birthday present.

 I also have this dress in a baby pink colour which I intend to wear in summer as a casual day dress rather than an evening dress. I thought it would go nice with my silvery/grey river island pumps which I purchased in the most recent sale, a woven belt and I thought that I could still use my bag as a shoulder bag.
I love doing these outfit builds so you may see a few more of these appearing in the next few posts :)
Michelle x

Monday, 16 April 2012

More holiday shopping..

From my previous post I recently went shopping for cute summer and easy to wear holiday clothes.

I'm slightly obsessed with shorts..I think they will definately be my go to piece this summer :) 

First, I went to Marks and Spencer's, not everyone's taste but I really like their Limited Collection line..I often find some of their pieces are on trend and easy to wear with anything. 

These shorts were originally £25 but they were on sale and got them for £15. I never tend to wear red that often but love animal print. I also loved the little button it was a nice added detail.

I will probably wear with either a black tank top or a strapless t-shirt. I think I will keep it quite simple with accessories and just make the shorts the same statement of the outfit.

I bought these slightly high waisted shorts from TK Maxx and they cost me £12.99. I liked how they had a floral print but did not take over the shorts. 

There very simple but could be worn with a lot of items either dressed up or down. 

I always find that Primark has a great selection of sandals in different styles, colours but relatively cheap. I never buy expensive sandals or flip-flops because I always ruin them to be honest. 

I bought 2 pairs of sandals for £6 each which you know what your paying for and aren't expecting miracles from them. 

These sandals come in different colour's these black with gold detail, a nude pink and grey/silver with silver detail. I bought the black ones because I thought they showed more of the detail of the beaded flowers. Also I live in black which is nothing new!

Sandals for me have to be comfy which these white and silver ones definately are. I don't care how long these ones last for; even if they do last they will be getting left in Portugal either way.

Sarah <3 

Holiday Bikini's

Hi everyone, I know this post is later than I said but just been super busy!

I have recently been holiday shopping as it is only 5 weeks till I'm away for the summer :). These are some of the items I recently picked up :)

So I find it so difficult for bikini's to fit me and I am very fussy when it comes to choosing the perfect one! I went into TK Maxx which for me can be a hit or miss some days but that day was a good day :).

This bikini is a French Connection and would normally cost £45 but in TK Maxx it was only £16.99.
I thought it was really girly and would go great with a tan.

This gold bikini is again from TK Maxx and cost me £12.99. I wouldn't have normally gone for this colour but loved how it fitted and the beaded detail made it a bit more special.

I then went to Matalan because I went on their website and saw some bikini's which I loved, however, when I went into the store there wasn't much of a selection and for the end of March/ early April most of the bikini's had sold out.

However, the bikini totally caught my eye because of the colour...I know, I know, pastels are the hottest trend just now but whenever I wear pastels they always seem to wash me out. This is why this lime green bikini caught my eye; it is a bold colour but still girly with the ruffles and the floral print design. 

The top was £6 and £5 for the bottoms which is a bargain!

Sarah <3 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Looks of The Evening #2

At the weekend I was met a friend for a catch-up over some cocktails, so naturally I had the panic of what to wear and how fancy/casual to go.  Eventually I decided on this outfit, not too overstated and not overly casual.

Yes it is my beloved Zara jeans that I constantly wear, couldn't live without them!  But this time I decided to dressed them up.  The top is from Lipsy, it is actually a few years old... everyone loves to recycle an outfit though.  It doesn't actually look as see through as the picture makes it look, the lighting was a bit too bright here.  It is typically see through for a chiffon top, in normal lighting you could not see my skin.  And of course I had to wear my comfy heels from Carvela, honestly they feel like your wearing flats!

As the outfit was quite plain I decided to play about with some eyeshadow.  For me this is a statement eye as I usually tend to go very natural.  All the products are from Bare Minerals.  First of all I used Prime Time Primer Shadow in roasted almond, then a mixture of Glamouristic and Downtown eyeshadow and finally Glitz on the lash line (doesn't show up in picture well, it is a deep plumish/brown colour).  I added  a bit of water to Glitz to make it a more of a bold colour and look more like an eyeliner than an eyeshadow.  I have also used Pale/Ash Blonde Brow Colour to give my brows a bit more definition as they are in need of some maintenance.

Mhairi x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

My London Trip

Hello everyone Nicola here...
As we all know London is the capital of shopping and sightseeing in Britain. Earlier on in the week I took a trip to London with some family for a break during Easter. I visited Hampton Court which was beautiful, went to see We Will Rock You in the Dominion theatre which was fantastic (well worth the money) and most importantly shopping on Oxford Street! Below I will show you some of the lovely clothes I purchased and also the beautiful sights that I encountered on the way.

This is Hampton Court.  The first picture is of the gardens with the palace in the background.  It is beautiful, and massive!  It is a great place to visit for some historical information about the old royals and if you are interested in historical interiors it is definitely the place to be.  Every inch of the place has been designed to express interests of the people that lived there and there are some beautiful pieces inside that are just stunning and are centuries old.

Now onto shopping.  While in London I went shopping on Oxford Street (who doesn't!).  I visited every shop on the street that I could especially the huge Topshop that covers around 6 floors!  While in Topshop I spotted this gorgeous dress that I can't wait to wear during the summer months and on my holiday to Cape Verde (which will be coming in August).  I have been looking for a dress like this for a while, one that is shorter at the front, and I finally found one that I can wear in the summer and also in the winter with tights.  I particularly love the floral detail throughout as it is so bright and colourful. 

I also paid a visit to Warehouse where I purchased three tops that are so soft and light which is also great for summer time (maybe I am being too optimistic about the weather this summer).  I have had my eye on these tops for a while and when I found a 25% off voucher in my Grazia magazine on the way down to London on the train I thought I would have a look to see if they were there.  The first one is a coral chiffon top that has embroidered white lace.  It is a really good fit on as well and very comfortable to wear. 

The second top is silk and feels great on.  It has an eagle on the front and the back that is decorated with bright colours with a great amount of detail to the decoration.  I have taken a close up of the detail on the front as it is so beautifully done that I thought it deserved a closer look.

The last top does look like a colourful deck chair however I really love how bright it is.  It uses some of the key colours this season and will go with almost anything, casual or smart.  I love the pocket detail on the top and this is what makes it look smart however, being quite a casual top when teamed with jeans or shorts. 

Hope you have enjoyed the blog and go down and visit London when you can it is well worth the visit!

Happy Shopping! <3 x

Friday, 6 April 2012

boutique style bedroom

Hey everyone, Michelle here.

So this is our first interiors post. I just want to say that I love interiors and have been painting and decorating my own room ever since I was about 15. As I have already mentioned in my personal profile, Ikea is one of my favourite places in the world. I love how creative the rooms are and all the fantastic ideas that the visual merchandisers have.

I have recently just finished decorating my room and I decided to use a french boutique as inspiration. I wanted a nice fresh colour for spring summer, I had a couple of different testers to try but finally decided on a light blue colour (Inky Pool 3, Dulux) for my two large walls and an ivory for the smaller ones. I thought I would bring more colour into the room by decorating with different shades of blue and dusty pinks.

I bought these sheets from H&M for £5 they are the perfect colour of dusty pink that I was looking for. All these pillows were brought from Ikea (surprise, surprise). I change between the pink, plain ivory sheets and these lock and chain patterned covers which I got from Primark. I love to layer my throws the Blue one is from TU at Sainsbury's and the cream and beige ones are from Ikea.

I was hoping to find a mirror that would look as if it belongs in a french boutique. When I seen this in one of the bedroom displays in Ikea I just had to buy it. Its a great length and the wire frame was perfect for only £35 and it also matches my bed frames.

I got the love heart shaped decoration off of one of my friends just after I had decorated my room. It is such a cute piece of decoration which I have hanging off of a hook next to my bed. I had to put my Fashion Avenue sign up which I got from New York last year when I went with my fellow bloggers (Dodi also has this is Sepia). I seen the hanging pole at the kitchen department in Ikea but I thought it would be great for hanging accessories. As I hate to throw out magazines especially ones with great front covers, I bought this magazine holder also from Ikea. As my room is not very large I try to make best out of the space I have by using shelves. I have a ridiculous amount of books so these take up the majority of the shelves in my room. The boxes in the bottom picture where actually bought when I last decorated but I loved them too much to throw out. They come in three sizes and are from TK Maxx.

I like to hang my scarfs at the end of the bed so that I have easy access to them and also think they make the room look a little more interesting. If you receive an Avon book i would recommend buying this room and linen spray in Lavender. There are also lots of other scents but this is my favourite and tend to buy this one quite often :)

So I hope you all liked this post and please tell me what you think or any suggestions of what else I could add to the room x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shopping, Tacos and Cocktails

Hey everyone,

Last week we had a day of uni so we decided to do what we love the most and do a bit of retail therapy. Since it was a nice day we took some pictures of Glasgow to show you which is actually quite a nice place when the sun is shining and is great for shopping and has great cafes and restaurants.
Dodi: The day we went out I felt like a bit of a highlighter with my new blazer and shoes to match. I got this blazer on one of the few days of sunshine that we had and I felt like wearing a brighter coloured blazer in the warm weather. I think the sunshine made me a bit too shopping happy as I had a bit of a shopping spree last week. Will do a post on my bargains as soon as I am finally connected to Internet in my flat yaayyy!

Blazer - H&M
Jeans - Levi
Top - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Bag - H&M
Michelle: I love this style of dress, I first bought the black version from H&M and when I seen that the same style was brought out in other colours I couldn't wait to buy one. This particular colour is perfect for spring/summer and can be worn with or without tights as it is a perfect length. Since it was sunny there's no surprise that i had my Ray Bans glued to my face all day and thoroughly enjoyed wearing them :).

Dress - H&M
Shoes - New Look
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Bag - Ebay
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo

Nicola: I love my new silk shirt from Warehouse which i got for a bargain in the sale. I paired the shirt with a white blazer as i wanted to go for quite a smart but summery look. I decided to use my favourite bag which never leaves my side at the moment as it is a great size and goes with everything:). Had a great time with my fellow bloggers and loved the sun on George Square also.

Shirt - Warehouse
Shoes - Designer Outlet York
Bag - Michael Kors

Pictured Above is George Square which is a great place to sit when it is sunny as it gets the sun all day long and is surrounded by colourful flowers and some great architecture. George Square is also particularly good at christmas as there is an ice rink set up.

The Duke of Wellington Statue with the cone on its head has become an icon of Glasgow and graces the pictures of many Glasgow postcards. Even though the cone is repeatedly taken off of the 160 year old statue it is always put back up shortly after. Locals believe that the cone represents the cities sense of humour and is just as important as any other monument or building in Glasgow.

Princes Square in Glasgow's Luxury shopping Centre. it has beautiful architecture outside and inside the building and is home to brands such as Karen Millen, Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker and Whistles. Princes Square is well known for its restaurants and cocktail bars. After visiting (which we highly recommend) we got a fantastic deal for Nachos and Cocktails in Buzzy's.