Thursday, 31 May 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in so long, after getting back to Australia it became clear that I had also caught the mumps.  This caused me to be in bed for a week then I spent my last week catching up on everything that I had planned to do when I was ill, p.s an Australia post will be up soon.

I have to confess that I spent most of my time on Sentosa (holiday resort island) but did venture into Singapore to shop.

Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa.  This pool/fake beach is the reason I did not venture to Singapore many times.
I did manage to visit the beach on Sentosa however.  I am aware that there are no outfit posts here, it is ridiculously humid here so the looser the clothes the better.  I lived with my hair in a donut this whole holiday to keep my hair off my back as it was so clammy.
I can't not mention my main purchases.  I got a bit over excited when I saw Sephore and 100 dollars later this is what I had (minus the make-up bag).  The products are Taupe Model No. 06 Palette, Choco Excess No. 19 eyeshadow, Touche Limiere Lissante (concealer) and Professional Smudging Brush. 
The make-up bag is from Victoria's Secret, which is full of beauty products, bags and purses.  Do not expect to buy underwear here.

Many of the shops in Singapore are UK high street stores which charge much more than they do in the UK, Forever 21 does have a shop at normal prices.  If you visit it is worth going to Orchard Road to look at the designer stores and if you are staying in Sentosa, a visit to the Galleria is worthwhile as it is small but I have never seen so much luxury in the one place.

Mhairi x

Primark Antics

Hey everyone, so myself, Dodi and Nicola went out for some lunch yesterday since we haven't seen each other in a while :(. Of course we had to go into Primark to see what bargains we could get and we ended up going a little crazy in the accessories department. FYI we did not buy anything shown in the pictures below but we (especially Dodi) secretly wanted to :).

Please excuse the quality of these photos as they were taken on the mobile.

Dodi: Well the weather has well and truly gone back to normal here in Scotland so I am back in my trusty Zara leather jacket. In order to stay a bit summery I wore my pink jeans, these are just from primark, I didn't want to spend a lot on these jeans as I wasn't sure if I would actually wear them but I have really been loving them recently, definitely a great way to brighten up an outfit. Underneath I am wearing a plain black cutout shoulder top from river island.

Nicola: As Dodi was saying it was a bit colder on the day than it has been during the week so I dug out my good old leather jacket from Zara and teamed it with my Miss Selfridge dress and my leggings.  I love this dress! Ive had it for a while but I'm always about to recycle it most seasons fashion must haves.  It was a great day of dining, shopping and fun with some of my fellow bloggers.

Michelle: I love this Paisley print top from H&M, its such a great colour for summer and I love the material and neckline of it (you can see the print better in the picture below). I wore this with a high waisted black body con skirt, black tights and my beige Zara studded slippers which I did a post on a few weeks ago.

Primark's fantastic range of sunglasses :)

Hair Accessories. It is amazing how much Dodi suits this red bob :)

Dodi looking cuter than ever with this massive bow head band :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My attempt at recreating the Dolce and Gabbana ss12 campaign.

What can I say, when I first saw these pictures I was instantly in love with them. The strong sense of family and the typical Italian scenery really shows that Dolce and Gabbana are going back to their roots. I don't know whether these pictures are so beautiful to everyone or if its just the Italian in me but I have been obsessed ever since I first laid eyes on them.

I can imagine that the prints are not to every ones taste (eeekkkk excuse the pun) but I for some reason really like it. Therefore you can imagine my excitement when finding a copy of this trend in my precious primark! The fact that the print is not popular with everyone meant that this beautiful dress was down to £5!! Not only do I love the print for summer I love the fit of the dress too! I also love the fact that it has the cutout under the bust (although not the best to wear to a dinner party after you've had a few mouthfuls, be warned!!) but it reminds me of the dress Rachel wears in the friends episode where they go to Barbados, I have wanted a dress with a cutout there ever since. So anyway, with the spectacular weather we have been having lately I decided to make my own version of the ads! 

PS, wouldn't Scotland be beautiful if it was always this sunny? 

Dodi xo

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

holiday shopping

Good morning everyone,

Im off to sunny Italy in a few weeks time and I have only just started getting organised. So here are some of my most recent purchases and how I intend to wear them while I'm on holiday. It is actually very sunny in Glasgow today and will be for the next week which is a welcome change to our normal miserable weather so I might wear this first outfit today :) (if I do I will post a picture) . I love these white high waisted shorts from Love Label at Very, they are really nice on and could easily be dressed up or down. I have paired them with a pale blue and white patterned river island top, my favourite Zara belt and my £3 bargain flip flops from Primark. 

My second outfit is really casual, these bright blue shorts are also from Love Label at Very. When I first opened the package I got a bit of a shock at how bright these shorts are as I don't normally go for really bright colours but I talked myself into keeping them and intend to wear very neutral colours with them so they are not overpowering on me. My top is one of my favourites from H&M and is quite old but I'm sure that they still stock this top as it is in their basics range. Flip flops are from Very and belt is from primark.

This bikini is from TU at Sainsburys (where I work) it is very rare that I will find something that I really like from TU as it does not appeal to our age group but I thought that this bikini was lovely and looks very 70s. I also think it will look great with a tan :).

I will post any more holiday clothing that I get in the next few weeks :)

Michelle xxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

New Favourite Accessory

Hey everyone,

I want to share with you all my new favourite accessory, collar clips. I have seen loads of shirts in stores recently with these collar clips already attached, the only problem with this is that you cant take them off to put on other shirts. So last week I done a search on ebay and found these collar clips for only £2.99. I actually got this idea off of a friend who bought these a while back and I'm glad I chose to get them as they are fantastic. They come in a variety of different colours and shapes but here is the link to the ones that I purchased link. They are very easy to adjust to suit different thicknesses and they don't need to be used just for collars but can be used to add detail to simple bags.

The first two shirts I put them on are from Zara and on the bottom pictures the collar clips are shown on a primark shirt which i thought went great as the shirt already had gold buttons so gives it a really good look :)

I would definitely recommend these clips as they they are great to finish off a look and are great
value for money :)

Michelle xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Looks of the Evening #5 #6

Hi everyone :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging about getting ready to go away for the summer as I leave this Sunday (so exciting).

My reasoning is that I caught Michelle's Mumps sadly :( so I have been looking a hamster which is not a good look. I has two nights planned this week that I had to cancel but I thought I would still blog about the outfits I was going to wear :).

The first look I wanted my Jimmy Choo at H&M jumpsuit to be the main piece. I teamed it up with my Topshop neon yellow belt for a bit of colour and neon is huge just now. I just put this purple purse with it which I thought contrast the belt. My shoes are just platforms from New York (I know all the magazines are saying that platforms are out but I love them and find them so comfy).

The second outfit was meant for a night out with my fellow bloggers and uni girls :). I bought this dress especially it was from Miss Guided and only cost me £15.99. I am loving long dresses just now and this one sits below my knee. I teamed it up with a black waist belt, my black platform and a studded clutch bag. 

This will be my last blog for a while but I will try my best to do some when i'm in Lagos. Enjoy your summer everyone :). 

Love Sarah xoxo 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

When i'm working on a Sunday during my lunch break I always read the Style magazine from The Sunday Times and I recently came across a free Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. All I had to do was sign up and then within a couple of days they sent the product out to me. 

When it arrived I thought that it would only be a travel size however, it was the full 100ml and came with two muslin clothes. 

The website states that;

"Our plant based cleanser has a two-phase action, phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make up, even stubborn mascara.

Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin."
I do suffer from mild acne and I must admit this is my new favorite product. It has totally cleared my skin but it doesn't dry my skin out when I use it. 
It cost about £14.25 which I don't think it is that expensive when your only using a little bit so it goes a long way. Moreover, anything to get rid of my acne I am happy to buy :). 

I would defiantly recommend this and you can purchase this in John Lewis or the Liz Earle Website.

Sarah xoxo

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A little make up shopping...

Hello lovelies,

So I was a little bored today and decided to go for a wander to boots and superdrug. Having seen some swatches of the new loreal caresse lipsticks on a blog I just discovered and love, pearls and poodles I decided I had to go and try them out for myself and see what else I could pick up in the superdrug 3 for 2 offer at the moment. So these are the things I bought.

So the first thing I got was the rouge caresse lipstick in cheek magenta which is a beautiful fuscia pink with blue undertones which is great for making teeth look whiter!! I don't personally think that its the best colour on my skin, I much prefer it on paler skin tones but I really loved the shade so had to go for it anyway. The other thing I love about this lipstick is that it is really moisturising and this is essential for me as my lips are extremely dry no matter what I use on them. (best thing I have found for chapped lips so far is nivea sos lip relief, if anyone has any suggestions for lip balms please let me know!)

So the next thing I went for was one of the sleek eyeshadow palettes, I have wanted one ever since Sarah, my fellow blogger, used one of them for my make up at Michelle's birthday.  I decided to go for the au naturel palette as I thought the colours were the most wearable for day to day make up.

Then the last thing I got from superdrug was the revlon liquid quick dry polish. a bit of a random purchase I know but I am awful for getting impatient and smudging my polish so I thought I would give it a go. I have to say it does work to dry the polish but it is a really strange product! Its almost oily and doest seem to dry itself and I have just been wiping it off after its done the job of drying the polish which isn't what it says to do on the back of the polish, however I think it works best like that.

So I then headed to boots to see what offers they were doing and I found these two polishes in the collection 2000 section. they were 2 for £3 which it a complete bargain meaning that I will probably return tomorrow and buy another 2! I am really happy with the way they have gone on. They were opaque in two coats and the colours are stunning for summer! the two shades I bought were "look at me" and "fruit salad".

So all in all I got all this stuff for less that £20!! The offers out there are really good at the moment, I also noticed that boots are doing an offer on revlon varnishes, 2 for £8, although not on the new colour stay enamels which I am eager to try out, does it really do what it says on the tin?? If any one has any good reviews if them please let me know!

Dodi xo

Monday, 14 May 2012

Whats In My Make-up Bag: New Tryouts

Hello blog readers,

I looked in my make-up bag the other day and noticed two missing essentials: concealer and finishing powder.  So, this time I thought I would try out something new!  Now my fellow blogger, Mhairi, uses Bare Minerals, so I thought i would give it a go!  My first time using the finishing powder was today and already I have felt a difference.  My face doesn't feel caked and full of make-up, plus after a full days work I need something that prevents the make-up sliding off of my face.  So far I feel that the finishing powder is light and easy to apply (Plus it came in a lovely pink bag).   The leaflet given to me had the slogan "Be a Force of Beauty" which sums up the intentions that the brand have for the make-up and I love it!!

The other item I purchased was my concealer.  This is one of the most important items in my make- up bag and it is important to me to choose the correct one.  I was recommended this concealer by my Mum as she is very particular in what products she can use on her skin.  So I knew it would be good on any skin types.  It comes in a cute small pink box that I is not too expensive either (which is ideal for us students or people on a budget :-) ).  It is definitely a must in every girls collection!

P.s this picture displays the Nfu Oh gel nail polish that I got at the Glasgow Girls Day Out and it is really good and is stronger than your normal nail polish however not as bad for your nails as acrylic false nails.

P.P.S Thank you Michelle for the app recommendation! :-)
Hope you enjoy reading...

Love Nicola...x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My New Favourite Shoes!

Hello fellow blog followers,

Sorry I haven't been posting in a while but been working had at university and just came out my shell and celebrated by doing a bit of shopping. As you all know I love the stylistpick website and swear by it for my shoes. My newest purchase has been these gorgeous snake print heels that are beautiful on. I have been looking for a pair that have a strap around the ankle forever that are a good heel height and not too high and when I clocked these shoes I instantly loved them! I have had them on so many times since I made the purchase and they are also the most comfortable shoes that I own and this is important as I love to do a bit of dancing when I'm out.

The real test for the shoes was when I was away for a friends hen weekend last weekend as Liverpool is alive all night long! The best thing was they lasted all night on my feet without a hitch. These shoes are well worth the money!

Happy shopping Love Nicola xxx

Zara studded shoes

Hey everyone,
I went to Zara at the weekend and it was the first time I had been in a while as I was unwell. It was one of those visits where I wanted everything in the store but didn't have the money to do so. There was one item that immediately caught my eye and as soon as I tried them on I just knew that I would somehow convince myself to buy them. These Zara studded slipper shoes are my new must have item and they were only £25.99 woohoo!

Just made the mistake of having a quick look on the Zara website and these shoes also come in black, I will probably manage to convince myself that I need them in black too.

I also wanted to share with you one of my recent purchases from ebay, these evil eye hamsa bracelets are gorgeous colours and are only £1.20 each ebay link. I love jewellery that have the lucky evil eye on it so if any of you have any links to websites that sell them especially necklaces then please share them with me so I can have a look :).

Hope you like this post,

Michelle x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A little DIY

Hey Guys, so on Thursday I went through to Edinburgh for the afternoon to see my Aunty and as I arrived early I had some time to look around the shops in the capital. As I don't know Edinburgh very well and the weather was really awful that day I stuck to just a few shops along princes street. My first and most important stop was in the new Primark which I have to say is a million times better to any we have here in Glasgow, it was tidy, clean and had a lot more stock than I have seen here also. As I have been really short of cash this month I didn't buy as much as I would have liked.  I saw a few really nice pieces that now I cant stop thinking about, totally regretting not making those purchases! Anyway...I thought I would show you the things I did pick up. The first thing I got was this totally adorable collar, I absolutely love it! Although I do think it is quite difficult to wear as finding something that it goes with is quite tricky. I tried it with a simple black vest top and this gave me a bit of a playboy bunny look which I wasn't too keen on. Anyway for £3.00 you cannot really go wrong and I'm hoping that they will make some more patterns, so Primark if you are listening a leopard print one would be fab!!

After some playing around with different things I came up with this, I am wearing a top from Miss Selfridge and my skirt is from Primark.

My second purchase of the day were these shoes. I have been looking at getting a pair of these slipper like pumps for a while now but hadn't found any within my sadly low budget until I hit Primark! At £6.00 these were quickly snapped up and in my soggy Primark paper bag before I knew it!

As much as I like these little shoes, the ones I had seen previously were all studded. Soooo...

Now for the DIY...

I decided that I would try out adding some studs to these shoes to jazz them up a bit. So the very next day I got up bright and early and headed out to find me some studs. After a whole morning of traipsing through town and into all fabric/haberdashery shops I could think of I knew the next place I had to look was the selection of gothic/punk shops on Queen street. After braving these slightly intimidating shops I still had no success therefore went home and decided to use my good friend ebay for the job. I quickly found exactly what I was looking for. Having only ordered these yesterday I was very surprised to hear them dropping through the letter box this morning. This is the link for the seller I used and I would highly recommend them link!

After a LOT of playing around this was the end result

Ok, ok so its not ground breaking but I do think it makes them that little bit more special. I had originally planned on covering the toes with studs but this just proved too difficult and I certainly didn't  have the patience for it. If you are someone with more patience then I would say this would certainly be possible. I think shoes were maybe a rather ambitious starting point so maybe next I will try something a little more simple like a T-shirt or something but I will definitely keep you all updated.

Dodi xo