Monday, 11 June 2012

DIY Denim shorts

Hey everyone, I have a tip for any of you who are doing a clear out and discover a whole load of jeans that you don't wear anymore (which I have recently done). If the jeans still fit but either the knees are worn out or you don't like the style of them anymore then change them into a pair of new denim short in two easy steps :).

Step 1: Cut off each of the legs a little longer than what you would normally wear them. Don't cut them too short as you can always cut more off if you would prefer them to be shorter.

Step 2: Roll the bottom of your new shorts twice and then iron the fold down so that it stays. If you prefer you can add a couple of stitches to keep it in place but I tend not to.

So here is the finished product and if you want to give it an edgier look then you can buy studs off of ebay and put them on the pockets :)

Hope you liked this post, Michelle xoxox

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