Monday, 5 November 2012

Weekend Away

Hi everyone, 

Firstly, I would like to say from all the fellow bloggers sorry that there has not been OOTD and other posts recently. We are all in our last year of uni, which means a lot of uni work and studying so apologies for the lack of blogs. However, there will be more blogs coming soon..

So two weeks ago, I went and visited my family in Italy in a small town called Caluso about an hour from Milan. It was just a short weekend which I wished was longer but hey you can't get everything in life. 

Here are some of pictures of my amazing weekend...



My Family at Lecco 

The entire weekend had the best weather so sunny and warm which was amazing instead of being stuck back in the cold in Scotland. I finally caved and bought a pair of converse which my fellow bloggers were shocked because they are so not me but I love them and now want more...

Food was defiantly the main part of this trip. My uncle being a true Italian food has to play a huge part and creates a great atmosphere. 

Very naughty but my fav hot choc and homemade brioche

Amazing fresh produce at the local market

Some of the best Gelato at the local family owed Gelato shop

The BEST seafood pasta in the world!!!

A little bit of heaven...chilli choc pudding

A light snack for dinner...

Goodbye coffee at the airport so pretty

It was a lovely weekend but just too short, sorry that it has taken so long but hope you enjoyed reading and I will do another blog of my purchases I got in Italy. 

Sarah <3

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