Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My summer abroad...

Hey everyone, 

Long time no see and blogging, I do however apologies about this! I never had access to one specific computer and because I was Portugal I could not access wedofashionk blog. I have been back for two weeks and I am sorry again for taking me so long to do this blog but since I have got back my life have been hectic with going back to work and planning my 21st birthday party which is this sat (Finally, getting to see my beautiful fellow bloggers its been so long...bursting to them). We will take photos of the night and do a blog :). 

Since coming home my sleep patterns have been all over place so taking this opportunity to write this blog at 1am. 

Lagos is situated in southern Portugal in the Algarve. I like to call Lagos a little hidden gem because it still is very much a  small Portuguese  town but has the best of both worlds with the amazing beaches and individual bars. 

I want to share Lagos with you and show you want a beautiful place it is.. 

My friends view from her apartment...so beautiful.

Chilling looking at the Marina 

Meia Praia

Me at 8am in morning could not sleep!

This summer I worked in a restaurant/bar called Mullens (if anyone who is reading this blog considers Lagos you have to eat in Mullens...it is amazing. I was one lucky girl working and getting fed there!) My days consisted of getting up getting food, going to the beach and working 55hrs a week...not that strenuous then!

I think my greatest achievement would have be my tan and here is the evolution of my tan.......  

Me first day..still have swelling  on my face from mumps :(

Week 3 there..getting a bit more colour 

Week 6 defiantly seeing my results from the beach

Week 10 my 21st meal (Look at the size of those prawns :O!!!!)

Week 11 me and Kate my flatmate before my 21st party.

All in all I could not of asked for a better summer, I met amazing new friends, worked in a great place and pretty much lived the high life which anyone would dream about. 

I might do a couple of smaller blogs about different places I went to and some of the pieces I bought over there.

Hope yous had a fab summer and got some nice tans (however, my is fading quickly :( but hey that's what Scottish weather does to you.)

Sarah <3


  1. wow, looks wonderful over there :) and you seem to be very happy! that's great to see, beauty :))

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion Blog

  2. wow! Your photos look so summery and looks so so fun ^_^ You look gorgeous with a tan! :)