Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sweet 16

Good Morning everyone, It was my little sisters 16th birthday yesterday and I wanted to share the present me and Luca (Boyfriend) bought for her. I wanted to buy her something really special since it was a milestone birthday. We really couldn't decide what to buy and were walking about Glasgow for hours. We went into Swarovski and there were a couple of things that I really liked. We eventually settled on this beautiful bracelet in the purple. They also come in a few different colours but purple is Heather's (birthday girl) favourite colour and it was the prettiest.

As a little extra we got her the cute little bath bombs from a shop called Miss Bubbilicious in Glasgow. There are quite a lot of different handmade products to choose from including soap, bath salts and bath bombs. The bath bombs look like cakes which I thought was lovely and there are loads to choose from.

Thanks for reading :)

Michelle xox


  1. That is so cute, the bracelet is amaaazing :) She's so lucky to have a sister like you ^^


    1. Aww thank you, i thought she would really appreciate it :)x

  2. Oh ! That bracelet is so pretty ! I love violet pearls !


    1. I love the colours in this bracelet it also comes in a few other colours but this one is definitley the nicest x