Monday, 3 September 2012

Payday Bargain Finds

Hello ladies!

I thought I would share my bargain finds after payday. I know after payday its normal to treat yourself to something that you have been lusting for thats maybe a bit more expensive but as my pay basically just paid back my overdraft i'm trying to calm it with the shopping this month as i'm going to have to buy a lot of things for going back to uni next week.  Anyway, not shopping is just not an option for me but I decided I would only buy if something was a real bargain. The first thing I found that got me rather excited was this bag.

yes its a black clutch with gold studs! From Primark!! I had to have it! at £6 I could never had said no to it! I think I was even lucky enough to have got the last one in my local primark! 

The next thing I found was actually in the kids section of new look.

Really sorry about the quality of this picture! just wanted to take these photos quickly so I could get the post written for you guys. I will no doubt be wearing it in an ootd back at uni soon. I had been looking at one of these jackets for a while but just never got round to buying one as they were quite expensive for something I think will go out of style quite quicky but when i saw this in the kids section of new look I thought I might aswell. Its actually a really good fit, i got it in age 14 - 15 which I think is the equivalent of a size ten as that is my usual size in jackets. The best thing is it was £24.99 but I even managed to get my student discount on it! 

I love a good bargain! if anyone has found any good bargains recently let me know! :) 
Dodi xo