Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What's in my bag: Sarah

The Bag

My bag is L.credi and I got it from my best friends from school for my 21st. I LOVE this bag it is the perfect size, the colour is very me because my favorite colour is turquoise and it holds the essentials and more...

Inside holding alot!!

Necessary Items

Everyone has different neccessary items in their bag but these are the things I cannot live without if there not in my bag. 
These are, My Purse, House and Car keys, Blackberry, I-Touch, Diary, USB, Pens, Lip balm, a Drink either water or Pespi Max and lastly my notebook (I just think its so pretty). 


Style magazine, a pencil case (which holds lip liners, hair bobbles and any other random items), Nivea, red lipstick, Go-Head choc-cherry bar, receipts, bus ticket, an extra purse (I know I'm weird but I like dividing my money up separately sometimes, Dolce and Gabbana No 3 which sadly is discontinued :( and a Keaton Henson CD who I am addicted too at the moment! 

Hope you liked this :) 

Sarah <3

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