Sunday, 21 October 2012

Outfit of The Evening: Red Carpet Style

Hi Everyone

I attended a red carpet event on Friday night.  The dress code was red carpet, when I found this out I did panic.  Sounds silly but my question was how red carpet?  After much looking for the perfect dress I finally found one on ASOS.  I decided to play it safe with a ling black dress with back detailing.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I was running late so did not get the chance to do outfit pictures till I got home.

red carpet style
This is the front of the dress (face wasn't looking too hot by the end of the night so thought it would be better to cut it out!).  I really played it safe when looking at this. Rather boring...
red carpet style
The back of the dress was a bit less boring, this is what sold the dress to me.  I don't usually go for low backed dressed but I really loved this one.  As the back of the dress is very detailed, I decided to go for less is more with jewellry.

Sorry the pictures are terrible.  I did have a great night though and to make it better I won something in the raffle (I have never won anything in a raffle before), so exciting.

red carpet style
A night away in Troon is now on the cards for the near future!  Of course I will blog about that when I go.

Mhairi x

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