Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn Knitwear

Hey guys,
Autumn is one of my favourite times of year in Scotland, that's when and if the rain stays away. I love the Autumn colours and I get quite exited about the fact that its time to purchase some new knitwear, ankle high boots and new coats.
I have already bought a few pieces of knitwear that I think are perfect for this season and will go with the majority of my wardrobe due to the neutral colours.
Here are a couple of jumpers that I have been wearing quite a lot. The cream one is from Zara and is a lovely thick material. I love that it looks back to front with the button design at the back. The brown speckled one is actually from the children's section in New Look. If you have never had a look at the childrenwear section then I recommend that you do. The sizes go up to an age 14-15 which are quite big made and the shoes go to a size six which is quite odd for children's shoes. I bought the brown jumper in an age 14-15 ( I am normally a size 10)  and think that the smaller size would have fitted better, so this gives you a rough idea about what the sizes are like.


I have bought a pair of heeled ankle boots, which you can see here. I do want a pair of flat ankle boots and I have also had my eye on a couple of pair of high top converse which I think will be really handy for autumn so I will keep you updated on which ones I buy.
I still have not found a nice jacket yet which will be be nice for autumn but will also do me for the start of winter before the icy weather comes . I am thinking of a nice thick tan duffel coat if I can find one. If any of you have seen a nice one then please leave me the link below.
I will have a few more Autumn purchase posts coming very soon so stay tuned :)
Thanks for reading!
Michelle xox


  1. Oh my these knits are amazing!
    I surely must pay a visit to Zara and New Look soon :)

    x Elena

  2. Love knitwear, it´s perfect for fall! :)