Thursday, 1 March 2012

Product I Couldn't Live Without

Hi Mhairi here...

So, after much thought, I have decided that the product that I couldn't live without is St Tropez Bronzing Mousse (would rather a top 5 though!). I have been addicted to this for the last 4 years, have tried nearly all alternatives (some with disastrous outcomes) but this product really is one in a million. I do not tan in the sun, at all, spent 3 weeks of January in Australia and came back whiter than when I left. So, you would think that fake tan wouldn't take on my skin, however this is not the case. I have had the opposite problem in the past,as I'm blond, too dark really isn't a good look. I also can't find another product that gives me as nice a colour. I have pink undertones to my skin and with this I go perfectly golden, thank you St Tropez. Application easy, just make sure to do a good exfoliation and moisturise beforehand to avoid dry patches, and always wear rubber gloves, fake tan is much harder to get off than put on. This product does not involve lots of rubbing like many others do,as it is a foam it is easily absorbed into the skin. It easily lasts one week before a top up is required, I try to moisturise daily so the tan fades evenly, but this is not always possible. St Tropez advises daily exfoliation to remove tan, personally I couldn't think of anything worse, there will always be areas that need a deeper exfoliation, this could be a very patchy process. The one downside I would say this product has is that the next day there is a slight fake tan smell after your shower, the best way to get rid of this is cocoa butter, I recommend Palmers or the Body Shop, both work just as well I have tried other St Tropez products, but none were as easy to apply/nice a colour as this one. For a deeper colour apply St Tropez Tan Intensifier one day after application. I do realise that St Tropez is expensive compared to other brands,
but I would say it is definitely worth the extra money. The large tubes often last up to 3 or 4 months!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, Mhairi

This blog post is NOT sponsored by St Tropez.


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