Sunday, 1 July 2012

Monte di Procida, Italy

Hello everyone, thats me back from Italy and I am already having withdrawl symptoms :( We had such an amazing time in the beautiful weather and eating fantastic food (there really is no substitute for italian food). Myself and Luca (boyfriend) where staying with his Dad who lives in Monte di Procida which is a town just outside Naples and has the most amazing beaches and views from the hilltops (picture below).

We spent the majority of our time on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, eating pizza and drinking Peroni.

One of the best parts of the holiday was going to a restaurant just outside the town called Abraxas. This restaurant was beautiful, it was lovely inside and was on top of a mountain so had the most amazing views. The picture below is the restaurant which had a tree coming out of the floor and look very fairytale like.

(How cute are these pillows)
Here are just a couple of pics of some of the main meals and puddings although there were a few other courses inbetween. The food was amazing and was the best italian food I have ever tasted :) So if any of you are travelling to Naples over the summer then I would definately recommend visiting this restaurant one night.

What I wore: H&M dress, Primark belt, New look Pumps, bracelets and ankle bracelet from beach sellers.

I really love holiday bracelets, I try to keep them on for as long as possible so I bought quite a few this time in a range of different colours.

One of my favourite things about going abroad is going to the markets as we don't really get anything like it in Glasgow and you can always find some fantastic little things to take home with you. Here are a few pics from the market we went to.

I hope you liked these photos, I had such an amzing time and cant wait to go back :).

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